Red Thread Craftivist Project

What is the Red Thread Craftivist Project?

The Red Thread Craftivist Project is an artist-led, collaborative craftivism project that aims to raise awareness about social, social justice and human rights issues and work towards making a difference through craft.  Several times a year, a call to ACTION is announced.  The ACTION is described, instructions of the technique given, and those who want to participate can do so.  The more who participate, the stronger the impact.

The Red Thread Craftivist Project is an inclusive project.  The actions are designed to engage people of all backgrounds, no matter their geographical location or economic limitations.  The Red Thread Craftivist Project is also anti-consumption in nature.  Participants are asked to use materials that one already has on hand, has been given by others, or are otherwise recycled.

Why activism through craft (craftivism)?

Because Craftivism has an intention. Time is the most valueable gift one can give, and when one lays down their time and energy to, for example, embroider a message, the message becomes more powerful. What is unwritten is ”I care so much, that I actually embroidered this to you”.  In every stitch one stitches love, while at the same time, reflecting over the subject matter on a deeper level. Craftivism raises awareness in the recipients and in those who create.

How can I participate?

You can see our upcoming ACTIONs below or join our Facebook group (Red Thread Craftivist Project) to get the most up to date information and be inspired by the work of others during each ACTION.  If you have any questions, you can write to


In-SOULs: Klick here to learn more about this CALL TO ACTION and how you can participate.

LAST DAY OF ACTION: January 21, 2017

Previous calls to ACTION.

Det Värmer (It Warms): Scarves, hats and mittens were handknitted and sent to the organisation Lighthouse Relief to be given to refugees in Lesvos, Greece. November, 2017

Du är inte ensam (You are not alone): Fabric signs were embroidered with the telephone number to the National Domestic Abuse Hotline (Sweden) and hung in public places (such as public toilets at gas stations). March 2017

Be YOUR Valentine: Handmade cards sent to women, to encourage and support them, no matter their relationship status. February, 2017