without: within

is a collection of six jewellry-objects that explore illness and the feelings connected with being ill, above all, anxiety. Rooted in my own experience of being severely ill, both the form and function of each object is significant.  The forms attract and repulse while questioning what is inside and out.  Placement and function of the necklaces on the body are particularly important–chokers that are heavy and sit tightly around the neck so that the wearer can experience how anxiety feels.  Above all, I wanted to make beautiful something that has been personally very traumatic and take back a part of me that has been taken away.

Each object is unique and has taken up to 300 hours to create, as everything is beaded by hand.  The hours spent making these pieces has been symbolic for me as it represents the time it takes for someone to work through a difficult illness, and it’s potential life-long consequences.  For me personally, it has been time spent coming to terms with, and finally bringing closure to, my own sickness.

 Materials include glass beads and porslin.

without: within will be exhibited from March 5- March 24, 2016 at DREJERIET in Östersund, Sweden.